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Electrical heat tracing for industrial use

For pipes

Classic areas of application for pipe trace heating are ensuring frost protection, preventing condensation and maintaining the temperature of media. However, heating processes and flow heaters can also be realized. Temperatures from 5°C up to 300°C are normal for us. We can also implement systems for higher temperatures. 

For vessels

Our systems can be installed on both very small and very large containers and tanks. In the past, we have realized heating systems with a few 100 W up to systems with 1600 kW. 

For dust discharges

Dust discharges in incineration plants such as power stations often have to be fitted with electrical trace heating to prevent the temperature from falling below the dew point so that the filtered particles remain conveyable. We have therefore developed various systems to equip filter hoppers, screw conveyors and rotary valves.  

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For loading arms

We like to call this the supreme discipline in the heat tracing sector. We equip both land loading arms and ship loading arms with electrical trace heating systems to ensure that the loaded products remain free-flowing. 

Heat tracing systems with a holding temperature of 180°C, including pre-heating, are very complicated and require years of expertise. We are the No.1 in Germany in this sector, and not without good reason. 


We install simple control systems in small terminal boxes that are attached directly to the heated object. Our product portfolio also includes control cabinets with safety devices. Here we adapt entirely to your requirements.

Special heating systems

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We also offer special heating systems. 

Electrical foundation freeze protection for cold rooms 

Frost heave protection

The frost heave protection heaters are designed to prevent destruction of the foundation. They are therefore installed between the vapor barrier and the insulation, where the temperature sensor has direct contact with the foundation. 

Floor heating systems

Slippery conditions can occur on the upper concrete in the door area of cold stores. To avoid this, heaters are used in the door and airlock area. 

Heating of uprights

Concrete and steel supports act as a cold bridge in cold storage rooms, which can damage the bottom concrete. For this reason, heating mats are attached around the column bases or directly to the column walls.

Heating of cavity / wall heating

In cavities, the temperature can drop below the temperature of the surrounding air, which would cause condensation and thus ice formation. To prevent this, our heaters are installed between the outer wall and the wall insulation. 

Door frame heating

Our door frame heaters efficiently prevent the door seal and door from freezing.  

What distinguishes us

  • Entry in the RWE installer directory

  • Authorization to work on low-voltage networks of the distribution networks

  • Recognized training company for technical and commercial professions

  • Certified quality management system Non-Ex

  • Certified quality management system Ex

  • Safety Contractors Certificate (SCC)

  • EU type examination certificate

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